History of Boston Chimney & Tower

Founded in 1937 by Albert C. Plante, Boston Chimney & Tower Company continues to be the leading North East commercial/industrial chimney construction and restoration company. Our specialties include stacks, towers, and steeples as well as historical building and church restoration.

Jake Hansen Boston Chimney

Jake Hansen


Ron Plante Boston Chimney

Ron Plante


Our 76+ years of experience has afforded us the opportunity to do specialized projects from replacing the peak on top of the 400' Custom House in Boston, the demolition of a reinforced concrete chimney on the island of Trinidad, to designing and installing a 14' tall fiber optic star on a 200' tall foot chimney to create a Christmas tree with 3000 lights that can seen for miles around.

Boston Chimney & Tower Company's building restoration work has included numerous historical buildings, churches, and chimneys.

Under the leadership of Jake Hansen and Ron Plante, Boston Chimney has earned an impeccable reputation throughout the United States. Our highly skilled workforce allows us to meet all performance, scheduling, cost, and reliability requirements for your project.

Boston Chimney and Tower Company welcomes the opportunity to work on any job; especially, those that other contractors find difficult. Our motto is:

"We're problem solvers. The bigger the challenge, the better we like it."