Unique Projects

Wannalancit Mills - Lowell, MA
Turned newly reurbished chimney into a 251' tall Christmas tree. Designed and installed the artificial tree by stretching 5,440 green light bulbs over 32 cables anchored to a 102' diameter angle ring at the base. The tree was topped with a 19' star.
Abbot Hall - Marblehead, MA
Tower survey
Custom House - Boston, MA
Replaced peak
Bourne and Sagamore Bridge across Cape Cod Canal
Gas line repairs performed under the bridge.
Twin Technologies - Quincy, MA
Stabilized exterior building brick wall, avoiding expensive demolition and rebuilding costs.
Deer Island Water Treatment Plant
Winthrop, MA
Seismic upgrade of 125' tall historic common brick chimney.

Because of our "can-do" attitude and commitment to excellence, Boston Chimney is called upon to assist with or complete a wide variety of unique projects. We tackle projects other companies will not even attempt. Transforming a 200 foot chimney into a Christmas tree is just one example!

Word of our versatility and skill gets around. This is best expressed in the words of Ron Plante:

"At Boston Chimney we're problem solvers.
The bigger the challenge the more we like it!"

SDA Inspection and Repairs

Boston Chimney is also known for its excellent service to Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA) units at trash to energy plants. Our preventative maintenance services include rigging, ultrasound inspections, sand blasting, and welding repairs.