Chimney, Stacks, and Towers

Pacific Mills - Lawrence, MA
Exterior masonry restoration and installation of cellular equipment
William A. Backus Hospital - Norwich, CT
Inspected chimney liner expansion joints
The Car Barn - New Bedford, MA
Historical restoration
The Car Barn Apartments - New Bedford, MA
Detail of the corbelled top
Tufts University - Medford, MA
Radial brick chimney repair
Westfield State College - Westfield, MA
Furnished and installed VanPacker stack
Maine Medical Center - Portland, ME
Designed, fabricated, and installed a free-standing steel stack with heal and acid resistant gunite lining
Baystate Medical Center - Springfield, MA
Stack inspection
Children's Hospital - Waltham, MA
Removed and rebuilt top 10' of radial brick chimney
University of New Hampshire - Durham, NH
Repaired and modifications to concrete/radial brick chimney
City Hall - Lowell, MA
Removed and rebuilt top 45' of common brick chimney
City Hall - Lowell, MA
Finishing touches
Rogers Foam - Somerville, MA
Cutting steel stack
Rogers Foam - Somerville, MA
Removing existing steel stack
Jira Realty Inc. - Cranston, RI
Removed steel stack

Boston Chimney & Tower Company
constructs, repairs, and demolishes all types of chimneys

  • Radial brick/Common brick
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Prefabricated, refractory-lined
  • Reinforced concrete


  • Temporary stacks
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Obstruction warning lights
  • Gunite and steel linings
  • Permanent platforms
  • Safety climbing systems
  • Sampling ports
  • Access ladders

Services include

  • Stack painting
  • Cost-effective preventative maintenance
  • And much more

Chimney Design & Construction

Boston Chimney provides engineering services and cost estimates for all types of chimneys including free-standing and guyed chimneys.

Chimney Repairs and Maintenance

Our experienced crews, using highly specialized equipment and training, repair chimneys and linings of all materials: brick, steel, concrete, and FRP. Repair methods depend on the causes and extent of deterioration found in the chimney. You will not find a more experienced company than Boston Chimney & Tower for assessing the problem and finding the solution.

Repair methods include: re-pointing, re-bricking, exterior concrete replacement, tear-down and rebuilding, reinforcement banding, interior lining with brick or gunite, and more. We feature retrofitting services due to actual or anticipated changes in operating conditions such as fuel changeover or a change in operating temperatures. Preventative maintenance always minimizes extensive repair costs, extends service life, and reduces the likelihood of unplanned and costly shutdowns. Preventative maintenance is one of Boston Chimney's specialties.

Chimney Inspection

Boston Chimney will photograph the interior and exterior conditions to document the need for repairs. When internal inspection is difficult or unsafe our ChimScan camera system takes over. A comprehensive report is submitted, complete with repair recommendations and estimated cost.

Turnkey Chimney Solutions

This is what separates Boston Chimney from the competition. We have a full range of services including temporary stacks, erection, removal of discontinued chimneys, foundations, fabrication, transportation, repairs, modifications, inspections, and lightning protection.

Lightning Protection Systems:

Boston Chimney is UL certified to install lightning protection systems. We perform system testing, component repair, replacement, design, and installation.


Boston Chimney installs temporary or permanent scaffolding, ladders, safety climbing equipment, and sampling ports.

Cellular Sites

Boston Chimney and Tower has installed cellular equipment on chimneys, towers, buildings, and steeples.

Seismic Upgrades

Boston Chimney can upgrade your chimney, tower, or steeple to comply with current building codes.

Boston Chimney provides services and cost estimates for all types of chimneys including free-standing and guyed.