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You can see Boston Chimney & Tower Co.'s work everywhere. In every project, we always leverage our four core strengths: Experience, Quality, Integrity, and Reliability.

You can see our work everywhere; on industrial plants, hospitals, schools, churches, and historical landmarks. We erect, maintain, inspect, and repair all types of industrial and commercial chimneys. We perform restoration work and other unique projects that other companies can't or won't tackle. Our workmen have the expertise to complete just about any project. We've been doing it well since Albert C. Plante founded the family business in 1937.

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Experience: being in business since 1937. completing thousands of jobs from routine inspections to replacing the cap on Boston's Historic Custom House.

Quality: building chimneys that stand longer than the buildings they serve. making sure that our work will survive any and all weather or environmental conditions. performing the work with the highest-grade materials and workmanship possible.

Integrity: saving money when we find a better way to get the job done. finishing the job at our cost if we go over budget. being honest with the customer even if it means losing a job.

Reliability: always doing everything possible to meet our commitments. being available to address any concerns long after the job is complete. knowing what to expect in a relationship with Boston Chimney: consistency.